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Romolo's Cannoli & Spumoni Factory

Love at first bite!

Romolo's Cannoli & Spumoni Factory
81 37th Avenue
San Mateo, CA
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There's something about a family business that's been passed down through the generations that makes it special.  Romolo's is that kind of place.  Grandsons of original owners Romolo and Angela Cappello run the establishment now, and continue to produce high-quality cannoli and spumoni that patrons have grown to love.

The "factory" does not involve assembly lines or conveyor belts; each cannoli is made to order.  The hardest part is deciding between a classic or chocolate-lined shell, and whether you want the ends to be dipped in pistachios, chocolate chips or simply finished with cherry halves.  Not wanting to hold up the line (okay, there was no line today), I "settled" for one of each.

A large pastry bag was filled with the ricotta cheese mixture, and each chocolate-lined shell was filled to the brim.  After each was garnished, a careful, light dusting of confectioner's sugar finished off the masterpieces.

Everything's better when taken away in pink boxes, so I was thrilled to leave with three snacks' worth of Italian deliciousness.  When I finally got home and took the first bite of my cherry-garnished cannoli, I was in heaven.  The crisp, delicate shell gave way to a rich, cheesy filling.  It was light and decadent at the same time.   I tasted years of love and dedication.  If I could thank the Cappellos personally, I would.  I'll be back, and I'll be sure to try that spumoni next time.

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