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Gayle's Bakery

Drop your jaw in 3...2...

Gayle's Bakery
504 Bay Avenue
Capitola, CA
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Beach eats aren't just limited to cotton candy and corn dogs (not that there's anything wrong with that!); truly outstanding dining options can be found if you're willing to wander inland a bit. Gayle's Bakery is one of these spots in laid-back Capitola. 

"Bakery" may be a bit of a misnomer, since they offer so much more than your typical neighborhood bakery. Walking in, I noticed what seemed to be a neverending glass case and counter that snaked around a corner and ended at the other side of the building next to the espresso bar.  At the front was a wide variety of hot deli items such as thick, eggy casseroles, roasted meats, pastas and sandwiches made-to-order. Moving down the line I encountered dozens and dozens of mouth-watering flaky pastries, sky-high cakes, plump pies, tarts and unique breads.  The full-service espresso bar was the finish line where I ordered a mocha before finding a window seat to watch locals walk their dogs and diners devour humongous fruit and cheese danishes.

I wanted a hot breakfast this particular morning, and the scents from the casseroles accosted my nostrils when I walked in.  A huge pan of Fresh Corn Frittata was staring me in the face and I thought this would be an interesting, more healthy alternative to a croissant.  A large square was dished up and my fork plunged into the light and tender egg mixed with cheese, fresh corn kennels and a few secret ingredients.  It was rich, like a quiche, but light and airy at the same time.  Corn kernels added a distinct crunch to the soft texture and it all came together as it melted in my mouth.

My mocha now seemed to be an odd pairing, but it all somehow worked; and minutes later, I found myself completely satisfied...but sneaking bites of my friend's croissant for good measure.

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