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Plainfield Station

Just use your GPS.  Trust me!

Plainfield Station
23944 County Road 98
Woodland, CA
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Holy hell, this place is in the middle of nowhere.  Seriously.  If you were to give directions, it would go something like this: Go a block past the old lady selling cherries on the side of the road, hang a left at the third corn field (by the way, how can you tell where one corn field ends and another begins?), drive just past the second burned-down barn you see and hope to God you find the place before sundown.

The Pounder is no joke.  Before I ordered, the cook told me it's "a burger with two patties"...and I expected the typical stack of two thin patties on a regular old bun.  But, this burger was ENORMOUS. The patty was distinctively flavored and piled high with fresh, crunchy produce; the bun held up till the end without collapsing in a sad pile of disappointment. And steak fries on the side?  I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

Great tacos, too!

Friendly, unpretentious crowd...back-to-basics home cooking...can't go wrong here!

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