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Olive this place!

451 6th Street
Williams, CA
Granzella's Bakery on Urbanspoon

Here's a suggestion: stop by charming, decades-old Granzella's before heading to nearby Colusa Casino.  That way, no matter what happens at the blackjack tables, you'll at least have something to eat on the way home to distract you from your pity party.

Better yet, why not start the day with a hot breakfast at Granzella's Restaurant?  Fill up on country fried steak and Belgian waffles, then head into the delicatessen for some treats to share later.

This region sure loves their olives, and you can find plenty of them here in jars, oils, and at the tasting bar.  Not your cup of tea?  Pick up locally-made fruit preserves, marinades, spices or specialty pastas and breads.  For the ride home, don't miss made-to-order pastrami and roast beef sandwiches or heaping scoops of Italian gelato.

Granzella's also boasts a rather large selection of traditional and microbrewed beers...but let's save those for your arrival home.

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