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Because Missing Out Is Never Fun!

Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates

Leaving without some of these would be 
a HUGE mistake.

Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates
1801 L Street
Sacramento, CA

Attention Ginger Elizabeth:

Under no circumstances are you allowed to close up shop or move farther than 50 miles from my house...ever!

This chocolate is TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.  One day, I came this close (thumb and index finger half a centimeter apart) to heading home without making a stop here.  Boy, would that have been a mistake!

Unless you're looking for it, you may miss this sweet little shop.  Look for it.  Burn the address into your memory.  Then, visit again and again and again.

On my first of many, many visits to come, I chose a couple of Parisian Macarons and the Cafe Cremeux.  My boyfriend chose the Gianduja Cake and European Sipping Chocolate.

Believe me when I say this may be the BEST HOT CHOCOLATE EVER!  One sip, and I was hooked.  With a robust, not-too-sweet chocolate flavor, coupled with giant homemade marshmallow cubes, it was instantly declared the best hot chocolate I've tried.

The Cafe Cremeux was a hemisphere of awesomeness: shortbread, cake and chocolate creme housed within a thin chocolate shell, topped with a tiny chocolate candy (of course) and the smallest slice of candied orange peel.  A masterpiece.

We left, completely satisfied and looking forward to a chocolate macaron breakfast the next day.
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