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Mahoroba Japanese Bakery

(Chocolate) Hats off to you, Mahoroba!

Mahoroba Japanese Bakery
4900 Freeport Boulevard
Sacramento, CA
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After seeing their ads in the Sacramento News & Review and driving by a million times, I finally stopped in to check out Mahoroba.

For waiting this long, I'm a fool!

Whoever created their recipes must have sold his or her soul to the devil, because the product here is unbelievable.  Doughs are phenomenally soft, fillings are light, airy and not too sweet, and the marrying of the two is simply perfection.  No sweet tooth today?  Pick up a savory bun with hot dogs or dim sum  baked right in.  That's right, I said dim sum, people!

The Chocolate Hat may look like a typical donut, but the quality exceeds what you'd find at your local Winchell's or Yum Yum.  And, unlike a maple bar or glazed twist, I can probably smoosh that entire soft Chocolate Hat into my mouth in one bite.  I mean, if I had to, of course.

Besides the Chocolate Hat, I sampled the flaky, tender Apple Danish and their famed Kobe Cream Delight, a soft dough ball filled with deliciousness that'll make you wish you had clipped the buy one, get one free coupon from the SN&R.

Support family-owned bakeries.  Go now.  What are you waiting for?

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