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Flaming Grill Cafe

Your mouth better be open for these
mammoth burgers, too.

Flaming Grill Cafe
2319 El Camino Avenue
Sacramento, CA
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I haven’t seen this many exotic meats since the last time I was in San Francisco’s Castro District!

Flaming Grill Café’s menu is designed for repeat visits.  I came for the Ostrich, but ended up ordering the Wild Boar Café Burger, and created a mental checklist to come back for the llama and yak.

Although watching other patrons systematically devour a zoo’s variety of meats had me nearly salivating, my burger was only half-eaten because (a) of the sheer size and (b) my server unknowingly sabotaged my appetite by convincing me to substitute my fries with blue cheese and bacon fries, which I couldn’t stop eating.  Damn you, bacon.

Next time, the Carne Asada Fries…because my digestive system is a glutton for punishment.

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