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Best.  Gravy.  Ever.

456 Grass Valley Highway
Auburn, CA


I would come back here just for the gravy.  Not the Biscuits and Gravy, although the biscuits are pretty dam perfect; but I could just eat a bowl of gravy. Full of chopped meat (Ham? Bacon?), they could serve it in a bowl and I would slurp it down.

BELIEVE what the locals say.  Our food arrived super fast, and the quality was fantastic.  My homemade Corned Beef Hash was phenomenal and could easily feed a family of four.  My boyfriend's pancakes were so thick and luscious he could only eat one of them!

Get here early, because the tiny dining space fills up quickly.  You don't want to be famished, sitting a few feet away from me on a bench, salivating over my leftovers.
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