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Mickey Fine Pharmacy & Grill

I needed the calcium.

Mickey Fine Pharmacy & Grill
433 Roxbury Drive
Beverly Hills, CA
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Chili and a Chocolate Malt for breakfast.  Oh, yeah!

Mickey Fine claims to be "the only original pharmacy with a soda fountain in all of Los Angeles".  The Grill is located in the back of the pharmacy, and the pricing is impressive: a few bucks got me a generous cup of steaming-hot Chili, garnished with a precise amount of cheese and onions.  On the side, a Chocolate Malt...because that's how I judge the quality of soda fountains.  If you're lacking on the malt powder, you fail.

Mickey Fine earns an A+ in the Chocolate Malt department.  The A is for the rich, luscious ice cream and strong malt flavor, and the extra credit is for the leftover malt served on the side, enough for another person.

I left full and satisfied for less than ten bucks.  Where else is that possible in Beverly Hills?

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