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Jack's Prime

Prime parking can be found in their private lot, too.

Jack's Prime
3723 S. El Camino Real
San Mateo, CA
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I can agree with most diners on the following points: Mouth watering burgers.  Delectable shakes-to-be-shared.  Sides which catapult an already diet-defying meal into a coma-inducing event.

But attentive, thoughtful service on top of that?  Rarely does that ever happen.

Long story short, I dined with an old friend.  That friend arrived at noon, two toddlers in tow.  The host grabbed crayons and art paper to keep the kids occupied.  Our server cleverly allowed the kids to order first, allowing my buddy and I to peruse the menu at our leisure while the kids gnawed on oversized crispy chicken fingers.  Timing was perfect, as they were back to their iPad activities by the time our food arrived.
Angry Cowboy = Happy me!

Why don't all restaurants time it that way?  So simple.

The food?  Not so simple.

These are big burgers with big flavor.  The Maytag Blue Ribbon is an upgrade from the typical blue cheese burger with its caramelized onions and house Prime Burger Sauce.  Crisp lettuce, juicy beefsteak slices and dill pickles finish it off.  Their popular Angry Cowboy features smoked bacon, cheddar, onion rings, and a unique red onion and jalapeno relish. Too spicy for you?  Be sure to have a Chocolate Malt nearby to quell the fire. You'll need it to dip your beer-battered Fried Pickles into, anyway. Trust me.

Better than fries.

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